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We offer custom instrumentals for exclusive purchase or lease and we also offer high quality mixing and mastering services for vocals and instrumentals.

Each beat is meant to represent a flower.

Instrumentals available for lease, purchase or listening.

Contact us via phone, email or social media to inquire about getting your vocals or music mixed and mastered.

We offer mixing and mastering services for vocals, songs and instrumentals. Listen to the samples below for an idea of the vocal and instrumental sound quality.

Pricing Listed Below

SAMPLE 1 (Unmixed - Raw Vocal)
SAMPLE 1 (Mixed & Mastered)
Sample 2 (UnMixed - Raw Vocal)
Sample 2 (Mixed & Mastered)
Sample 3 (UnMixed - Acapella)
Sample 3 (Mixed & Mastered)


Beat Sample (Unmixed) prod. theflxwers
Beat Sample (Mixed & Mastered ) prod. theflxwers

Mixing & Mastering - $50

(Songs or Instrumentals)

Mix Only - $30

Master Only - $25

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